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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  April 7, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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to broadway. that is it for today, sand havea great week, we will see you next "fox locator. we'll keep you posted with updates throughout the evening. i am harris faulkner. now huckabee. does the president's numbers really add up? no amount of money will bring my daughter back. >> dpshgs m. >> i believe this is criminal. the sister of one victim tells her story. plus, are wall street traders rigging the system? ♪ ladies and gentlemen, governor
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mike huckabee. >> thank you. thank you very much. and 21ing huckabee from the fox nows studios in new york city. last woke, we told you about the disturbing story of justine, the 15 year old girl from connecticut taken from her family by the massachusetts department of family service after a resident in a boston hospital said the diagnosis from tufts hospital was not correct. 14 months later, 14 months later she was in the custody of the people's republic of massachusetts and the family and attorneys were unable to get answerswx7w to why. of her father and the attorney a pored on our show last week,
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your incredible response to their plight must have gotten's attention. the website set up to free justina.comcrashed because of the track it received and this week, after 14 months of tone walling, the state of the massachusetts responded and they are not happy with me for calling them out. the spokesman spectacularly asked me to correct throw things. number one, that the state kidnapped the girl. and no evidence was presented to support abuse and neglect and the throw, state never conducted the investigation or spoke with the family. i would love to correct that. but when a government takes a child from the family for 14 month ands fails to provide just reasons for doing so and limits and restricts parents from seeing their child it isitate sponsored kidnapping and the
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state of massachusetts claims the odd contradiction, the family unfit to care for their daughter. they believe it is best for justina to return to connecticut why she will have the support of her family. massachusetts claimed they did an investigation. but the pelatears were never intrude or an in home visit made to determine the family environment. they tried to link threats against the workers to support justina. if they had threats that is regrettable. and that doesn't justify the experience justina experienced. i am only familiar with the family i had on the show and reading through the court documents of their case, i have known their attorney for a number of years and have confidence in his integrity and
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confident. when he tells me he never seen any case like hers in his career. i take his statement more than the state of massachusetts after 14 months of her being kept from her parents or original doctors. i am sure the case is far from over. even if justina is returned to connecticut and her family. one glaring truth remains, in america parental rights ought to be protected unless there is facts to believe that a child is in imminent danger. the burden of proof lies with the state to prove that the child ought to be taken from the family. and if our bringing the case and she is reunited with her family, let me be clear. i apologize for nothing. i hope the state will apologize
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to the family and justina. they have enough on their hands to attack care of their own child without fighting bureaucracy and state. joining me to react to the statements that we received from the state of massachusetts. justina's father and the president of the liberty council. lou and matt, thank you for coming back. lou, i read through the documents and everything that the state of the massachusetts said referring to neglect on the part of you and your family and form was abuse, have they specified what neglect and abuse that you gave to your father have they ever spelled out to you and in a court of law provide the evidence to the
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opposition and tell them what they are charged with. what are they charged with specifically? >> they haven't begin any information and neither has the and there has to be evidence of abuse and neglect. and what we have is a family that was treating with a physician in tuft's medical center and following that doctor's advice she was in private school and engaged in figure skating comp tegz. they took her to the er in boston and as a result they lost custody of their daughter. >> she was treated by a doctor in connecticut who is treating for a specific diagnosis. and the doctor treating her in concert with that doctor he moved to boston.
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and the doctor in connecticut referred to her to that doctor. it was not that her care was inadequate. but coordinating with a doctor she had. when she got to boston, she did not so the doctor she was seeing which was the purpose for her going. she saw a doctor in the er seven months out of medical school and just out of a residency and in 25 minutes makes a different diagnosis altogether. >> close. first of all. all of her doctors are in tuft's medical center in boston. and the stomach doctor left and went to boston children's hospital. and she went for one reason only and she did go by ambulance across state lines and was meant to be a direct admegz to the gg
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department. and as far as i know and biassed on fbi involvement that is kidnapping. >> and yeah, governor, one of the people that she saw was a psychologist that the brand new doctor called in and 25 minutes interview, reclassified it mi tocondrial disease and she was treated and functioning well up until the flu- like symptoms. and that person reclass foyed it to all in your head and this person coauthored an arcticle said one out of every two children with a physical complaint, they are all in your head. she has a presupposition that 50 percent of children have nothing wrong with them and it is it all in their mind. they presented a brand new treatment plan and discontinue
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all of the medical and medication and here is the plan and you can't seek a second opinion. and the family said no, thank you. we'll go back to tfurcs ts. they called in d~ cs. >> the show last woke, we got comments from the governor's office and tcf. they were unhappy with the presentation that we allowed you and matt to make. we invited them to come on the show and they declined. where are you as of today? yesterday we have weekly one hour visit with justina. >> one hour a week? >> right with the multiple employees and massachusetts police there at the door, and what happen was disgusting. we found out after the fact justina went to so her
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tuftdoctor and that doctor is not allowed to speak to us or updates as to what happens, and number two, we weren't there on the appointment and the parents ask the appropriate questions to be asked and three, who was in the room with justina an employee from the wayside facility and not there is hippa was violated. we'll continue this with our guests and we'll talk/@=s aboutt is going on with [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to cf before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense.
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from td ameritrade
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>> welcome back, we are continuing our discussion with justina's father and their attorney. before we left we talked about the things that happen in the
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past week. one of the things let's clarify. massachusetts said connecticut really doesn't want the case. they don't want it, but connecticut has said and i read the statements, that they disagree with boston or with massachusetts's assessment, is that correct, lou, >> that is correct. massachusetts had no jurisdiction. we are connecticut residents and have been for the past six months and the judge joseph johnson shouldn't have taken the case in the first place if there was any case at all. it should have been passed on to the state of connecticut. connecticut passed us. flying colors. >> they did not try to take her away. if they thought she was neglected or abused they would try to intervoen. you were the custed onnial
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parents at the time you went to boston. matt, there is an important point to make. the fact that they went back to the doctor at tufts indicates they are going back to the original diagnosis. n14 monthsing on she goes to boston. they don't want to follow the brand new treatment plan and go sidewalk logical they want to go back to the doctor in tufts. they went in to a experiment. she is now from fig skating it a wheelchair. the family wanted her to go back to dr. corson. and we requested to go become to dr. corson. and we found out in the last couple of days without us knowing they took her to dr. corson but he can't talk to the family. we found out about this through
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back door channels. that experiment has failed and she's in physical desstress and they are back where we wanted to be 14 monthsing on. and that undercuts d~ cf involvement in the case f. she is overmedical otherwised by dr. corson and needs to be psychological treated why are they taking her back to dr. corson. they are now foreful and the expiriment is failing and she is in physical distress. >> it is it an amazing case. and massachusetts appears to put the pontuous pi late and wash their hands here and want her to go to connecticut. will you have custody if they do that? and if you are neglective and abusive parent, why would they let you have care of your
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daughter? >> the state of massachusetts is still:'+ed playing hard ball wi this. the d~ cf can release her and stop the nonsense and tort our that is going on on. one is the judge joseph johnson. but the case was in our favor against d~ cf. not once but twice. but despite the evidence, he ruled in massachusetts d~ cf. and number two is the governor of massachusetts who can overroadway the judge and stop the torteur that is going on, and in the state of massachusetts with my daughter. he just renowses to. pursue and so what leg@zz remey is happening? >> we are pursuing a number of legal remedies. we'll get it out of the judge's chamber through the appellate court.
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and a number of civil right's violation and they will be coming. we'll hold individuals that are involved in this from boston general's hospital and d~ cf accountable. (applause) you can't have a system like this where they call in d~ cf because you will not follow their advice. and the person is getting a grant from the nih. there is all kinds of problems between what is happening in boston hospital and d~ cf. and there is a family that is torn apart with a 14 year old girl and who is now 15 upon-year-olds. and you can't replace 14 months at that age cycle. >> as i close, let me say one thing. the governor's office indicates governor huckabee would understand him having been
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a governor. let me tell you something. i was a governor for step and half years that this case lit me up. i would not have watched a family lose custody of their daughter without length of time without clear evidence that somebody in my agency would bring me evidence or there would be people unemployed in the state of arkansas. that's why i feel so tronningly about what d~ cf did in massachusetts. president obama spiked the ball of 7 million. should be flagged? woe throw the challenge flag next.
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>> on tuesday, the president had a beg pep rally to boast about roaching the obama care goal. >> last night the first open enrollment under the law came to an end and several lost weeks out of the gate because of problems with the website. 7.1 million americans have signed up for the plans. >> but how many of those 7.1were uninsured before obama care took affect? obeck roy joined me earlier to talk about it. >> the president was proud of the proof positive that obama care is successful and popular; what is wrong with those numbers? >> he is right to say 7.1moans
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that the law will not collapse on his own weight. the law will not collapse. is it successful? that is a different question. and what we know from the data points, is that the vast majority of the people signing up on the exchanges were people previously insured. the whole point of the law was to make coverage available for people uninsured. it is not doing that so well. >> about a monthing on only 20 percent of the people were previously uninsured and the rest was people who lost coverage and had to go to a obama care exchange to get recovered. are those numbers holding up? are we looking at one in four and where are we on the role people who are for the first time getting insured? >> it could be worse than that. it is 20 percent or so, and
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maybe a third who are previously uninsured and selecting a marketplace plan. but the data we have sewn that the vast majority of people previously insured paid the first month premium and those who are uninsured haven't. you don't get coverage if you don't pay. if you get sick and have a bill, the insurer will not pay it for you. it remains to be sewn if they will pay the premium and there by get coverage. it could be a ateth that are actually covered and previously uninsured. >> the president, talked about 30 million fourth million. if the goal is to get 40 million insured and we are at 7 million.
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help me to understand where the joe is in all of this and spiking the ball and acting as if we accomplished something significant especially many of them had insurance to start with anyway? >> it is not crazy to have 7 million sign ups. you can so it with medicare part d and the drug benefit, it takes a couple of years to have full up take of the program. what is dangerous here so few are signing up and the older and sicker people are signing up and the plans next year the plans will be more expensive. the average state is seeing a 41 percent increase in the purchased prem youm ands if you talk to the insurer it would be 20 or 30 percent up next year.
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more it goes up more the rick of a death spiral and the uninsured who don't qualify for subsidies don't sign up. >> we appropriate you bringing clarity to it. thanks for joining us today. >> wall street traders with an unfare advantage. my next guest plow the whittle. is the stock market rigged? we'll ask whatsuccor to
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president hammid karzi. full results could be known a woke away. you may have heard the name of brad ka siowa omi. he noticed that the trades were not going through at the price he was expecting. he anyhow he was think front runned but he didn't know how. he discovered high frequency traders spend hundreds of
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million to install highway speed footballer cable and allowed their trades to go through faster. this is how it was explained on sect minutes. >> orders were the bats exchange in cross the river. and high frequency traders were lying there in wait. >> that is how i am being front run. it gets there first and they boat me in all of the other exchanges. >> it took a section for his trade to roach the next exchanges and the high spode traders were able to get in and buy the sdpok get the price up and producing a profit of 1 or 2 pennies and it was happening millions of times a day. nbrad's store tore is told in flash boys back by motorcycle meek lewis. plose welcome, brad. >> this has blown up all over
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america. and people are concerned is wall street rigged. i think the bigger question, how does this affect an ordinary investor. there is no big deal and move long. doesn't hurt that retired teacher in a mutual fund, true or not. >> it shouldn't scare people away from the stock market. the best way to explain it. it is a complicated problem. every time you use your credit card you are charged five sends. and it is with open purchase. it is not right. >> one of my good friends and colleague at fox said it didn't affect the typical investor because they bought it at what they would buy it at. if there were billions and billions of dollars made by
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somebody. that member was not the investor, it was the people who had access to the special technology. and so it was money that might have been able to be distributed to all of the investors, >> you are right. it is 0 sum. and we can't say we have a subindustry that has nothing to do with investing. i think there is no reason for that to be well and what happen it happen under the cover of technology. trade suggest cheaper. and faster. but you know, cost you $20 a minute to china and now skoip for free. technology improved wall street and people look to gain the system. and they are using computers and technology to game the system. and it is a larger part of the market. >> you were able to uncover the
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process done. you are a private sector guy and you have limited resources and figure it out. the obvious question. where is the government in they have unlimited resources and they didn't figure it out. and you did, why? >> the government is in a posession of reliance on the industry. you need practitioners and we have people from big banks and exchanges and high frequency trading firms to amass that knowledge. it would be harder for the fcc to do it. and we built our solution in the regoulgz. and the regoulgz allowed what happen to take place and within that regoulgz you can do something different. it is a moral choice on what to do with information. you find something and do you use that to exploit the system or correct it? >> you brought up a
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fact. morals. there ought to be a sense of morality and ethics. and business is there to make money but to do it in the right way so it is a fair exchange in the marketplace. thank you very much for being here. great to have you. >> general motors accused of epidangering the lives ofxññ+t customers. and they did that because of buying cheap parts. it goes beyond the families in the lawsuit. more families lost family
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>> general motors ceo mary berra talked about a defect that affects their vehicles over a defect. it has gm 73sing a class action lawsuit from 13 families who lost a loved one dow to a faulty part. >> we are the people left behind and a loved one got into what was supposed to be a safe guard. gm anyhow it was dangerous and detective. >> it caused ignition co to suddenly switch to off and cutting off power steering and
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braking and disabli+e bags. early as 2002, gm approved the switch design despite being told it did not meet speciction. gm rejected a proposal to fix the problem and now it affects fev more models and claiming it would be to closure. it was revealed what gm considered too costly. >> documents show that the unacceptable cost increase was only $0.57. >> by 2009. gm declared bankruptcy and bailed by your u.s. taxpayers. gm recalled the defective vehicles in march 2010 after all victims associated with the sought lost their lives. they continued to recall more
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vehicles dow to the same defect. >> it took way to long to come to the attention and do the recall. mary barra apologized. nmy apologizes to the people families who lost their family member or were injured. >> it may goes beyond the 13. allen ray died in a 2009 accident after driving his sister to the airport. he was 26 years old at the time of the crash. joining me is his sister and attorney. >> samantha is not part of the class action lawsuit. thank you for being here and i know it is it hard it talk about it. but samantha when you heard the gmceo at cant captain hill
12:43 am
said it cost $0.57 it repair that faulty part, how did that make you feel? >> disgusted and hurt and angry. i don't know how you can justify that. >> you felt anguish and guilt though you had nothing to do with it because he was in your car. >> my car, yes. there are no words to say how much guilt you feel for that. >> you had taken your car in and had an issue with it a couple of weeks before your brother was killed. and the gm dealer fixed a steering colume problem. >> what did they tell you then? >> they said it was a pose in the storing colume and everything would be all right. >> two weeks later, heouses your
12:44 am
car and leaves you in the airport and later on the way home from the airport, he's killed in a crash. how long after that, were you thought something was wrong with the car rather than the way he was driving? >> there were no brake marks. there was no reason for him to be on the other side of the rod and how he wrecked. it was inconsistencies to it. >> bill, when you filed the original lawsuit on behalf of the family, had gm admitted anything about parts being faulty and taken responsibility to vehicles like those owned by samantha? >> there was a recall that happen in 2010. we were not sure it addressed the issue that we had with
12:45 am
samantha's car. but in terms was coming forward and admitting anything wrong with these carc and they anyhow about it and had known about it almost a decade, none of that was public yet and ultimately they stepped up and took the bail out and never disclosed they anyhow about the problem. they threatened to sue you. i have two letters representing general motors. if you prur sow the case. they will pursue you as an attorney and sow her and create all kinds of problems with her. you dropped the lawsuit because of that. >> there is a sort of factor that fed into that. i had just once i filed the
12:46 am
action, within a couple of months, i got in the hospital and hospital otherwised a year. and so the action was staged and that was a matter of public record. ordinarily you have that. and the moment i am back in the office after spending a year at downing, i get the letters here. saying you are violating an order of the bankruptcy court that provided protection for them because they washed out those assets. >> i want to make sure our vowers understand. because the accident happen prior to the bankruptcy they say we are the now gm that the taxpayers bailed out and so they are getting away with not having responsibility for what happened to your brother because the rest of us as taxpayers bailed them out and not only bailed them out
12:47 am
of the responsibility toozs like you samantha. deal with that? >> you hope that the people will know about it and will, the courts will have to do something. it is like murder. i lost my brother and my best friend. >> my heart goes out to you. and i can't imagine anybody in america does not feel outraged for what happen, for $0.57 worth of a part. thank you. >> and coming up, sam moore will join the little rockers. we'll be right back. i just tried to book a flight using credit card miles, but they blacked me out. these miles are useless! that's turrible. and all the other dates are triple the miles! triple the miles? that's as useless as chuck at a golf tournament. or you at the three point line. or you in a spelling bee. you gotta switch to the venture card from capital one.
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sam moore is a legendary soul singer and a member of the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. on friday april 4th he released a song to mark 46 years since the assassination of dr. martin luther king, jr. it's called "they killed a king." ♪ ♪ they killed a king >> please welcome back to the show, sam moore. great to have you back, my friend. thank you. you played many, many times with everybody i can think of. from springsteen, you played with everybody, goes across the gamut. and one of the things, this music you've done with the song about martin luther king, i hope people will go to the website and watch it. but you know we're not going to let you come on here and not play one of the great hits that
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put you in the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. >> why? >> i just figured, first of all, being able to play with you is a big thrill for me. and we want to make sure that we play one that everybody will just absolutely love. >> but you got on your bass. >> we're going to play it. you're going to do it. you've got to, sam. >> but you're playing? >> i'm playing because it's my show. it's that simple. >> you ain't got to get mad. >> we have some of the little rockers playing with sam's band today. we're excited to jum with them. benny on drums. lauren on the keyboards. mark on guitar and sam's singers and horns with us. we're excited to have you. let's play a little "hold on, i'm comin'." ♪
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♪ don't you ever feel sad ♪ lean on me when times are bad ♪ ♪ when the day comes and you're down ♪ ♪ in a river of trouble and about to drown ♪ ♪ just hold on i'm comin' ♪ hold on i'm comin' ♪ i'm going my way, your lover ♪ if you get cold i will be your cover ♪ ♪ don't have to worry because i'm here ♪ ♪ no need to suffer, baby, because i'm here ♪ ♪
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♪ don't you ever feel sad ♪ lean on when times are b bad ♪ ♪ when the day comes and you're down ♪ ♪ in a river of trouble and about to drown ♪ ♪ hold on i'm comin' ♪ hold on i'm comin' ♪ hold on i'm comin' ♪ hold on i'm comin' ♪ hold on i'm comin' ♪ hold on i'm comin' ♪ hold on i'm comin' [ cheers and applause ]
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>> thank you, sam moore. >> thank you. i'm tired. >> sam, you can't be tired. >> i'm tired. >> we're just getting warmed up, man. >> oh! >> we're delighted to have sam moore. be sure and get his records and be sure and listen to the magnificent song about dr. martin luther king. i'll be back with some closing thoughts right after this. ♪
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tragedy repeats itself and so does stupidity. fort hood, texas, is once again the site of a tragic shooting. 16 wounded, four dead. the shooter killed himself when a heroic m.p. pulled her gun on them. authorities investigated mental issues and a personal dispute, not terrorism. since this is a tragic repeat of
12:59 am
history, i'm just going to repeat this comment. and i quote, military base shootings could be halted for good with the stroke of obama's pen. all he has to do is rescind bill clinton's 1993 order banning military personnel from carrying side arms. that action turned it into a gun-free zone. why? is anyone better trained to carry a weapon than the u.s. military? yet when they were under siege at fort hood or at the navy yard, they had to wait helplessly for the police to come and save them. it's not only deadly, it's as senseless as banning construction workers from carrying hammers. end of quote. now, if you wonder who said that, well, that was said by me on my daily radio commentary back september 19th, 2013. yet the policy still stands.
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while a lot more victims no longer can. that's it for now. this is mike huckabee from new york. good night. and god bless. stay tuned for "justice with judge jeanine."urtz is coming up next. have a great sunday. on the buzz meter this sunday, an online explosion after a tech company ceo is ousted. because he donated to an initiative banning same-sex marriage. one gay blogger accuses his side of intimidation. should the media stand up for tolerance? many news organizations declaring victory for the white house as the administration touts 7 million signups for obamacare while others are openly skeptical. >> armageddon has not arrived. >> and tonight, a major victory for president obama. months of low enrollment numbers, you've heard about them left, right and center, left right plagued with technical problems. but vindication for the president in terms of enrollment. >> we didn't know ahead of time that this was going to be the rarest of all


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